A space for reflection and discussion to share your experience

Welcome to the StrategyHack Wall, a shared space where you can write and publish posts about your learning experience as part of the StrategyHack course and the Hackathon, to which you can participate if you wish.

To publish a post, click on “Write” and access the online editor. Remember to enter all the context information that is requested of you (especially the language, affiliation and areas / activities). If you wish, you have the option not to disclose your identity. However, we ask that you enter your real email address anyway, so that we can send you a message with a unique URL to an editable version of your post.

“Blogging” is a way to enrich your professional life with ideas and reflections, share what you know, develop a wider network between colleagues, professionals and simple enthusiasts. To make EduHack an even more meaningful experience, we therefore invite you to write and share your posts on the Wall or on your personal blog, an ideal tool to practice along the way.

If you have any doubts or questions, write to us at StrategyHack Support