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Area 1 Pedagogical change
Activity 1.1 Understanding and raising self-awareness of digital competence among educators and students
Activity 1.2 Building capacity to effectively design and bring about digital education experiences
Activity 1.3 Preparing students to successfully engage in digital learning
Activity 1.4 Designing meaningful and effective digital assessment and feedback
Area 2 Organisational change
Activity 2.1 How to define a Strategy
Activity 2.2 How to encourage academics to embrace change and new academic practices
Activity 2.3 Improving intellectual property right literacy and production
Activity 2.4 How to enable safe location-independent work
Activity 2.5 How to face security and privacy challenges
Area 3 Technology change
Activity 3.1 How to map the EdTech ecosystem of your institution
Activity 3.2 How to decide what tools to support and what to not support.
Activity 3.3 HR development and maintaining staff competences
Activity 3.4 How to ensure access to our content
Activity 3.5 How to use data to support strategic decisions
Area 4 Economic and Political change
Activity 4.1 How analyse cost
Activity 4.2 How to get near to the market
Activity 4.3 How to tackle of access to suitable equipment (so-called digital poverty)
Area 5 Institutional change
Activity 5.1 How to include alternative, innovative, open credentials
Activity 5.1 How to include alternative, innovative, open credentials
Activity 5.2 How to use digital technologies to support internationalization..
Activity 5.3 How to reimagine Universities’ Social Responsibility
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