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Lisa B

It’s great to have some formal guidance on how to search for resources that have open licences that goes beyond a Creative Commons Google Images search.  I enthusiastically signed up to Merlot which usefully categorizes search results by ‘Merlot collection’, ‘Other Libraries’ and ‘The Web’.  Immediately I was introduced to books, fact sheets, slides and web pages that met my search criteria: ‘assertiveness’.  Whilst this yielded materials that I hadn’t come across before, there were some options that I’m not sure I’d share with students due to potential cost (i.e. a trial membership for free books for 30 days).

My Merlot search for ‘assertiveness’ was very broad but revealed some interesting fact sheets from counselling organisations (exactly the community of practice I was looking for) and the addition of ‘test’ to my criteria helped me to find an inventory that I can use with students to help them assess their personal assertiveness skills.  A quick play with didn’t yield any results for my chosen subject area, but changing this to ‘coaching’ found 63 results which were harder to navigate but included some high-quality materials, such as seminars from MIT.

My next steps are to consider how I might reuse the materials I’ve found and make them accessible for others.

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  1. Hi Lisa, you might be interested in the CU OER policy:

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