I have been well informed about the benefits which Khanacademy brings: the practice exercises, instructional videos of different areas, and personalised learning dashboard are beneficial for students to study at their own pace, without the limitation of time and place. More importantly, students were found to have better learning outcomes through studying here.

It offers a variety of videos, such as math, science, computer programming and etc. The videos about economics could be used to my own teaching especially in the widespread of the new coronavirus in China in 2020. Students could study these videos online and then answer questions accordingly as the universities have been shut done because of the disease. In addition, the teacher dashboard could provide a summary of class performance of the students, which is beneficial to track student learning outcome.

However, it also has risks. The most obvious one is that student performance and detailed student profiles are also collected through this platform. How to protect the privacy of the users especially in the increasingly commodified educational market is a question to think for all. For example, how to ensure that student profiles and details will not be sold to other commercial organisations? What happens if this information is released deliberately or stolen? What kind of right does the user have about the information collected? All these questions This requires more research and community discussion of the related ethical issues.