In the past week you have constructed a light-weight bridge and carrier able to convey a 1kg of mass across a divide without failure. The designs have been very interesting. We would expect your reports to have been submitted on online. We would be engaging a peer review mechanism this year to determine the quality of the reports submitted based on the digital resource. There is alot you can learn from your peers and their feedback can be quite valuable.   Please adhere to the instructional guide when preparing your feedback.


Instructional Guide 

Each of you would randomly be allocated three anonymous reports. You will recieve an email containing the link to each report. Please read entirely your allocated reports and determine it’s quality on a scale of one to ten. A perfect report, with a rating of 10, would normally contain a Gantt chart, evidence of meeting, evidence of calculation, references and a three dimensional view of the carrer in operation. Also, consider how much of engineering principle your colleagues might have considered while deriving their solution. The grammar and structure of the report should be reflected it’s rating. All reviews must be submitted by the end of this week. Please complete the feedback form detailing aspects of the document that was good while highlighting how its could have been better. Be polite when making your comments. seeking mainly to inspiring, keeping in mind the effort that was invested in producing the report. Once completed please ensure you click submit. would automatically generate a seperate personalized form containing marks from each reviewer, an average of the marks and comments made by the peers. An access link will then be sent automatically to each  Student so as to access what their peers thought about their report. The entire processes is electronically logged and monitor by course administrators to preserve the integrity of the system.