This is what I have to say, which of course is something important. As you can see we can use headings and other formatting in our work.

Objectives: 1) To define frequency response and related concepts such as bandwidth

2) To facilitate students e-learning via experimentation using Matlab linear systems analyser app.

Measuring learning outcomes : via tutorial questions that require using Matlab app. and end of lecture online multi-choice test (formative)

Who are the students : 2nd year undergrad. mechanical engineering students

Students expect to: Learn about frequency response and why it is important for dynamic systems analysis and control design

Student familiarity with e-tools : Yes familiar with Moodle and MS Teams. Technical support from University IT

Digital Lecture Delivery content : Lecture slides + use of Matlab linear system analyser app + MCQ test

Adaption for digital delivery : Slides : Use of MS PowerPoint Present or Screen-castomatic. Matlab App accessed via Coventry University appsanywhere, Multi-Choice Questions included at end of slides.

Who is responsible for digital adaptation of lecture content ? Me with support from the module leader.

How will students get access to tutorial support ? Via scheduled MS Teams meeting set up by tutor.